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Fabio Šimićev

Photographer Fabio Šimićev

I was born in Zadar in 1989.
I started photographing at the age of 18. When I was 20 years old I got a work offer from local daily newspapers. That's when everything fell into place. I started to explore what kind of photo style I would like to work and realized that documentary, travel and social photography is my passion. After several years of work in local newspapers, I started working for various domestic, national newspapers and magazines.
In 2012. I was rewarded by the Croatian Press Photographers Association at "Treća dob" contest.
After 7 years of professional work I have traveled to Italy, Holland, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Scotland, Vietnam and Thailand and my travel reports were published in various print and web media. For the last two years, I was working on the story about farmers and fishermen life in region Dalmatia of Croatia.

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